Young Captain .. 20x16

“Young Captain”

This mixed media image on canvas of a young boy sailing his toy sailboat at the Wooden Boat Show in Port Townsend was made from a copyrighted photograph taken by Ken Lubas.
Through computer artistry in his Southern California studio, Lubas has taken artistic license to transform photography mixed media art though digital illustration. The total number in this canvas edition is 50. The original digital file has been and may continue to be used to produce an unlimited number of unsigned and unnumbered prints in varying sizes for commercial reproduction in books, magazines, newspapers, advertising, promotional material, posters and other printed products as well as to create reproductions in other media. In addition the original copyrighted file may be used to produce signed and numbered artworks in other media.
No later editions will be made from the same file, except as specifically disclosed herein.

The contents and all statements herein are the responsibility of the issuer, Ken Lubas.


Ken Lubas #1 of 50 canvas prints

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