That’s Joey and me. He wants to play.
He always wants to play.

I hope you enjoy my collection of photographs and digital illustrations. My work was forged in photojournalism where images are unaltered moments in time captured on film or a memory card. As a writer I can express opinion or weave tales. Digital illustration allows me to create and share what I have seen in the mind’s eye. In recognition of this I was given the name ”True Eyes” in a sacred naming ceremony. The Chumash spiritual leader giving me the name said it was my ability to look beyond the immediate.

Professionally I was on the editorial and photo staff of The Los Angeles Times for more than 30 years. My resume includes two Pulitzer Prizes for team projects dealing with the Northridge earthquake and the city’s riots. Nominations submitted to Pulitzer judges included work dealing with the homeless, wildfires, floods, the O.J. Simpson saga, and
stand-alone feature packages.

I am a former member of the Board of Directors of the Press Photographers of Los Angeles and was awarded their  2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. My photographs and digital illustrations have been recognized with showings in museums as well as at Los Angeles City Hall, public libraries and galleries throughout the United States.

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